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We’ll be coming to you live this year from SXSW. Look for entries detailing new products, services and much much more! Be sure to follow me @JustinPone on Twitter



need to fix this insomnia problem lol

The interesting thing about working out for 3 weeks straight now is I expected to be tired, but instead i’m sleeping better than ever before. 

Guess science, you win again. 

What a Month

I’ve meant to get back to here for some updates – but it has been a crazy few months. Between traveling for work – launching several key marketing campaigns for several small businesses in my town, new websites and programs – i’ve been tired! 

Some takeaways –

– Stay busy – but be smart about it.

While shifting my business between three main clients and my regular job, I found my time limited. It goes without saying we do need some relaxation in life – and that couldn’t be more true when you are busy. 

– The one with the crazy ideas never fails

Take risks. Don’t just look at marketing and other studies and feel content to do the minimum. I found that spending time with the people shopping these small businesses, asking little questions and more propelled my campaign and drove traffic like never before. 


Anyway, just some small tips today – feel free to leave me any thoughts – i will be back here far more often! 



Summer cooking

Summer cooking

Pulled Pork!